One of the biggest health challenges faced by India today is Diabetes. Home to the second largest population of diabetic patients in the world, India seems to be fighting a losing battle against this disease. Diabetes remains one of the few diseases in the world which still doesn’t have any proven medicinal remedy. The only factors that can help limit this disease are spreading awareness and taking adequate precautions.

To tackle this menace and contribute towards a healthy and diabetic free India, RIDS India has taken a number of steps over the past few years. A series of awareness creation workshops and camps have been organized by the RIDS in various parts of Delhi and Varanasi. The organization also went on to set up a number of free OPD camps in various parts of Delhi for the people to get their blood sugar tested and enhance their learning about the deadly disease. Since the disease is more prevalent among the citizens from lowest rung of the society due to their harsh lifestyle, the organization ensures that they stand as the biggest beneficiaries from all the camps and programs. Taking forward its commitment of fighting against diabetes, RIDS  is planning to organize ‘The Varanasi Marathon ‘A race against diabetes’ which would witness hundreds of well known doctors coming together and advising patients about the precautions to be taken against diabetes.

With many more programs in the pipeline, the organization aims to stand strong in its fight against diabetes and reach out to as many people as possible.


Everyone would agree that if there is one solution that would act as a remedy to almost all the prevailing problems in the society, it has to be education. A sound education can help the society get rid of problems that have been eating our social fabric for years now, including poverty, caste system, corruption, domestic violence, infanticides and women inequality.

Taking the onus upon itself, RIDS India is committed to providing high quality education to the children belonging to the elementary age group. The focus of the organization covers both the school going and non-school going kids. With the standards of education in low income government schools being extremely poor, the organization has arranged a number of remedial classes for these students after the school hours where they are taught by professionally qualified teachers. These classes are aimed at raising their level of learning to match the levels of private schools.

Even after the implementation of a number of schemes and incentives for the people to send their kids to schools, a considerable number of kids have not been enrolled in any school by their parents. A number of factors contribute to the same including the distance of schools from their home and their jobs. The RIDS aims to educate these children by imparting basic knowledge through the medium of highly trained teachers. A number of camps have been organized for the slum kids where teachers from the RIDS take free of cost classes. These regular classes are also accompanied by free distribution of books and study material by the RIDS on a regular basis.

Vocational Education & Training

India is home to the largest youth population in the world. With developed nations such as Germany likely to face shortage of skilled professionals in the coming years, India has a golden opportunity to turn its biggest burden (population) into its biggest asset.

According to a number of reports, within a decade or so, skilled workers would be in extremely high demand in a number of European countries. While the Government is doing its bit by launching and implementing a number of programs for skill development, it is not possible for one stakeholder to impact the entire country. Therefore, putting its hand forward, the RIDS India has implement several skill development programs which aim at training the youth on certain skills which highly increases their chances of finding a good job, which in turn, increase their financial capabilities. The RIDS has set up tailoring training camps for the slum women in various parts of Delhi, Varanasi and Uttrakhand over the past few years. Apart from this, the young men in these slums are also trained on basic and professional computer skills which make them suitable to be employed by a number of companies.

Programs such as Computer literacy and English speaking have helped the youth in fetching jobs and earning a livelihood for themselves and their family. One of the major reasons behind the success of these programs is that these are run by highly qualified professionals selected by the RIDS. The RIDS aims to take this forward and set up many other computer training camps for the youth from lowest section of the society.